Website Copy

Websites often get neglected. You’re so busy running your business that you just don’t have time to improve your website. But if you’ve got to the stage where you’re a bit embarrassed by your website, or it’s not actually bringing you as many customers as it should be, then it’s time to do something about it.

You know you need help with your website copy when:

• You’ve been putting off writing it for months or even years
• You’re not really sure why someone should buy from you rather than your competitors
• Even though you know your business inside out, you don’t know where to start
• You know what you want to say but you can’t seem to get it down on the page
• You don’t have any spare time to co-ordinate a rewrite, never mind actually write the words

Website Redesigns

Businesses often approach us when they’re having their website redesigned and it’s great if we can come in at the start of the process and work with your designer (or we can recommend a designer if you need one). But we can also rewrite copy in an existing design with the goal of converting more of your website visitors to customers. If your issue is a lack of website visitors, we can also work with you to bring more visitors to your site.

Website Copy in your Tone of Voice

When we write your website we start with the ethos behind your business. What makes you different? Why should people buy from you rather than your competitors? If you’re not sure of the answers to those questions, we can help you work it out.

Once we’ve got to grips with what’s great about what you do, we’ll craft some compelling website words that encourage the reader to take action, whether that’s downloading your ebook, buying a product or enquiring about your services.

We’ll write in a tone of voice that’s right for your target market, subtly selling what you do by outlining the benefits and then telling the reader what they need to do next. There’s no cheesy, OTT selling with our copywriting (unless that’s what you want!).

You don’t need to worry about finding time to manage your website rewrite. Of course we’ll need your input, but you won’t need to drive the project forward. We’re very proactive, so if we’re waiting for some information from you we’ll always chase you to make sure the project doesn’t fall off your radar.

If you need help with your website copywriting, call us now on 0121 405 0040.