Email can change everything

Boost revenue, attract new clients and nurture the ones you have
with email strategy and conversion-focused copywriting

I’ve written for:

And hundreds of businesses like yours.

Maybe you’ve already had some impressive results through email.

Maybe not. If you have seen great results, you’ll know this:

Email can change the game for your business

People check their email 20 times a day¹. So it probably shouldn’t be surprising that email is still the most profitable channel in multiple sectors (but it is surprising to plenty of people!)

Email delivers a 42x return on investment². That’s a lot higher than any figures you’ll see in social – paid or organic.

In fact, only 12.5% of consumers even consider hitting the buy button on Facebook or Twitter, yet 60% of them have bought after getting an email³.

In a world obsessed with social media, isn’t it refreshing to find it’s actually email that reigns supreme? (I think it is, but I’m slightly biased by my love for email!)

Conversion-focused email strategy and copywriting

My conversion-focused copywriting process helps growing businesses like yours put some results-boosting oomph into their emails.

And when I say “oomph” I really mean voice of customer data, solid research, intelligent strategies, messaging and conversion copywriting.

All carried out as part of a streamlined process that makes the input I need from you as painless as is humanly possible!

The first question I usually ask is this:

Are your current emails doing their job?

Because there comes a time in every growing business when you realise that what got you here, won’t get you there (that would make a good book title!)

Chances are you already have emails in place, but you know they could be working harder for you. They’re not driving the sales or the sign-ups or the repeat business that you know they should.

Plus you’ve changed as a company, and you’re not sure those emails suit where you’re at now.

Maybe your marketing guy wrote your emails — but he’s not an email expert.

Or maybe you evolved your brand voice and your emails are no longer a match.

Or maybe you just wrote something quickly because you needed something to start with, and now you can finally breathe long enough to do it better.

And by “better” I mean:

More Engaging

so that your people read and respond

Higher Open Rates

so you’re reaching more of your ideal customers

Higher Click-through rates

so more people connect with your content, book the demo or buy your products

Increased Conversions

so you generate more leads and make more sales

All that happens when you have the right sequences in place.

Happily, I can do that for you.

Hi! I’m Liz

Conversion-focused email copywriter and founder of Comma Comma.

I’ve written email copy for brands like Symantec, Veritas, Prezi, Shopify Plus, and Nectar – as well as hundreds of growth-focused companies just like yours.

Clients that work with me see results like:

An 81% lift in online sales, compared with the same period the year before 

A 7% increase in workshop bookings leading to additional conversions, each worth £12k in revenue

A boost in email open rates from 19% to 42%, with a corresponding increase in new clients

bottom line?

If your product or service is game changing but your emails aren’t — you’re in the right place.

Here are three reasons why:

Emails bring you quick wins – improving or adding in one critical sequence can have a big impact on conversions.

Winning people’s inbox is the best long-term strategy – because email is so effective and you own your email list (unlike your social media following).

Email copywriting is NOT the same as everything else – if you haven’t managed to get great results with email yet (perhaps because you got them written by a non-specialist) you’re far from alone.

I’ve figured all this out so you don’t have to. In fact, I’ve written hundreds of emails – testing and honing my process over time. So I know what works.

The reality is, relationships (and sales) are made over email. When emails are done right, your subscribers are pleased to get them. On average, 59% of people say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions. While just over 50% of them buy from marketing emails at least once a month, and 24% buy via emails multiple times a month⁴.

But plenty of businesses like yours don’t have the right emails in place to set off that Great Emails → Solid Relationships → Increased Sales chain reaction.


The most common reason is this:

Because they simply didn’t have the resources or the know-how to set them up when they were building.

There’s A LOT involved in getting email sequences right, from collecting voice of customer data and doing competitor research right through to testing and optimizing once the emails have been strategized and written.

So it’s a big project to take on if you don’t live and breathe this kind of work.

Another reason:

Maybe those emails weren’t quite so critical back in the days when face-to-face marketing and selling was more socially acceptable. But in our brave new world, your emails need to work even harder.

Don’t worry. All of this is way more common than you’d probably think. I’ve met plenty of otherwise awesome business founders who hadn’t emailed their list in months, and sometimes years at the point where they got in touch. But they fixed it. You can too.

And if you work with an experienced pro like me on your email sequences, there are no headaches. And minimal work for you to do. Just a clearly mapped out project with specific timelines and regular updates so you know what’s what.

Email sequences build relationships and
boost sales

With me, you get the perfect blend of strategy, copywriting, and conversion — written in your company’s voice — to bring you more leads, more customers, and more revenue.

My goal is always to make the process of working with me simple and straightforward. You get a clear Statement of Work for the project, and I’ll keep the project moving forward, along the timeline we agreed at the start.

Discover how I work with your specific sector

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If preserving the pollinators isn’t your thing – and you have an eco charity you prefer to give to – let me know and I’ll sort it.

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