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Clients love you because you get results

You’re good. Very good.
With the testimonials to prove it.
But there are gaps in your marketing.
Because you’re doing well. Which means you’re incredibly busy.

Does your business get the same great treatment your clients do?

Some of your marketing has been hastily pulled together. And your team is great, but none of them are email specialists.

So even though you’re innovating in what you offer to clients, that doesn’t always come across in your messaging.

What that means is this:

You’re brilliant, but not enough of the right kind of people (aka your ideal clients) are getting to find out about you.

And when you do get on their radar, your emails aren’t doing a good enough job of strengthening your relationship and moving them to take action – to book a call or take the next step with you. 

Your email marketing has been in that important but non-urgent quadrant (until now)

I’m pretty sure Stephen Covey would’ve recommended moving it to the important, urgent quadrant.

Because fixing it will make a difference. Potentially a huge difference.

That’s why you’re here, reading these words and
possibly wondering if I’m the right person to help you.

Am I? I might be!

Liz Painter,

Email Strategist and Copywriter, at your service 😁

Like you, I’m in this to get great results for my clients. Which means I won’t work with you if I don’t think I can get you the outcome you’re after.

But the fact that you’ve made it this far is a good sign. If this is resonating, then we’re probably on the same wavelength.

You go the extra mile. And you’d rather make a plan for strategic, sustainable long-term growth than jump on the next bandwagon that rolls past your window.

Because you’ve been on this path long enough to know that getting distracted by every new shiny object that comes along won’t help you raise your game.

It won’t help you jump up a level.

Focusing on putting the right foundations in place, so you’re getting the right messaging out to the right people? That will help you jump up a level.

And kaizen will help you jump up another level. Kaizen = a fancy Japanese word that means “change for better” but us Westerners take to mean continuous, incremental improvement – like a Toyota production line or an international cycling team.

Once you’ve got a solid foundation, you can work on improving every little peripheral element that could affect performance. Like when the Sky (now Ineos) team started travelling with their own pillows and mattresses – because a well-rested cyclist is a fast cyclist.

Don’t worry – I’m not going to have you ordering a busload of FMB Paris-Roubaix 27mm tyres or taking ice baths. But there are plenty of email elements we can optimise to give you the best chance of leaving with the yellow jersey (that’s the top you get when you win the Tour de France).

Of course that’s just a metaphor. What I’m really interested in is helping you win the best clients you possibly can. In a way that’s as effortless as possible (for you). Using email.

So who is this copywriter?

I started out in copywriting back when Ask Jeeves was still a thing. Except Jeeves really didn’t know very much about anything – so I learnt the science and craft of copywriting from David Ogilvy, Eugene Schwartz, Andy Maslen and a few more top-of-their-game copywriters.

Over the last 15 years I’ve written for hundreds of growing companies including:

And I’ve honed my process so that working with me is simple and straightforward. I do the heavy lifting – I manage the project – and you (and/or someone on your team) show up to our calls when needed.

I work across several industries, testing what works and what doesn’t. So I can plan out a custom, strategic approach to your project that’s based on my own experience plus the client and competitor research I do at the start of our work together.

And it’s all of that foundational work that means I can help you set up email sequences and funnels that connect with your audience and get you the results you’re looking for.

Read more about my process here.

“Working with Liz was so effortless”

“Working with Liz was so effortless, as she made the whole process seamless. She was clear from the outset how she would research our clients’ needs and checked in halfway through the project to update us.

Communications were clear and professional and the end result was really impressive. Writing copy that resonates with your clients, and in a language that reflects your values is not an easy ask, yet Liz accomplished this with the minimum of fuss. She really understood our requirements and most importantly listened carefully.

We would have no hesitation recommending her.

Elaine Halligan

The Parent Practice

“I’m sure you can make this dull topic sound sexy and engaging”

A client actually said that to me. So I pinched it.

Just like I’ll borrow phrases from your customers. (Though probably not anything like that one, in case it upsets the spam filters!)

Weaving your client’s words into the copy I write for you means your emails are much more likely to connect with your audience at their level. This is using “voice of customer data” and once you know about it, you’ll start spotting it in all kinds of different advertising and marketing. 

It’s highly effective.

Want to sound great and get results?

Of course copywriting is A LOT more than making something sound good. We both know that. I’ll always put “copy that gets results” ahead of the more fluffy goal “words that sound nice”.

But you still want to know that I’ll either match your current tone of voice, or create a new and improved version.

The answer is yes. That’s all part of the service.

I could chat about voice, strategy and copywriting all day, but you’re busy, so let’s talk next steps.

Ready to tell me more about your project?

Book a no-pressure intro call, and share some details with me. I’ll ask questions, you’ll ask questions, and then if we’re both feeling good about things, we can arrange a longer call to talk details.

If you’re keen, please don’t put off booking your call. I’m often (but not always) booked up 4-6 weeks in advance. 

So it makes sense to get on my radar sooner rather than later.