Let’s fix the cracks in your email foundations

Maybe you know where you’re losing people? Or maybe you don’t?

Either way, you’ve figured out that you need to bring in a specialist.

Someone who can not only write the emails you need, but pull together an intelligent strategy and the right messaging based on what your customers say, NOT based on guesswork.

So your emails can start to play a key part in your long-term growth.

Got a project in mind?

If you know exactly which email sequence/s you need help with and you’d like to talk about a custom project, let’s have a quick chat.

Off-the-shelf copywriting services

If you’re not sure you need a full custom project, take a look at my “off-the-shelf” copywriting services.

Designed to make it simple and straightforward to work with me at a fixed price, these entry-level packages deliver great value. And they also let you “test the waters” before immersing yourself in a lengthier project. 

The Copy Audit

$950 / £750

Review of one email sequence (7-10 emails) 

Written recommendations for changes and improvements plus a video walkthrough

30-minute Q&A call

The Copy Boost

$1650 / £1250

A rewrite of the most critical sections and elements in your email sequence (7-10) emails 

Written notes on the copywriting principles behind the changes I’ve made, plus a video walkthrough

30-minute Q&A call

The Copy Sprint

$4450 / £3450

A full email sequence, researched and written in 7 days.
Application only

Aimed at clients who don’t have time for a full 4-6 week project.

Get a condensed, accelerated version of my full research process plus a 7-email sequence written for one specific audience.

Works well for a welcome sequence, webinar sequence, automated ecommerce emails, re-engagement sequences and more. 

Only 2 available each month

One Stellar Email

$490 / £360

Perfect if you need a lead generation email, event invitation email or individual promotional email.

Join me for a 60-minute call where I’ll ask questions about your business and dig into the messages we need to get across to connect with your audience and encourage them to take action.

I’ll write the email in front of you on the call, including a compelling subject line to get the email opened, and an enticing hook that grabs attention and keeps people reading.

By the end of the session, you’ll have a tightly constructed, highly readable email that’s “ready to send” to help you bring in more prospects or attendees, or make more sales.