You’re here to get results

Me too. In fact, I have a serious competitive streak.

Getting great results for my clients is like the adrenaline rush of hitting a PB in a 10k or half marathon (that’s a PR for you over-the-pond ‘ers).

That feeling when you’re hitting every single mile split, and you just know you’re going to break all your previous records?

Let’s make that happen with your next email sequence.

Who’s writing your email copy?

Comma Comma is very deliberately a micro-business.

This means when you book Comma Comma for a project, you get me – Liz Painter – working on your copy, with my 17 years of experience as a professional writer, 15 years’ experience as a business owner, and 8+ years experience of getting results for brands like Symantec, Veritas and Shopify, as well as 100s of fabulous smaller businesses.

I might be more interested in your industry than you are

If we get to speak, ask me what my current obsession is. I’ll regularly work my way through a pile of books on one specific topic before moving on. I’m essentially a book addict, and instead of a 12-step program, I have to operate a one-in, one-out policy so my bookshelves don’t collapse.


What that means for you is I’ll be super interested in your business. I’m insatiably curious and I get excited about digging into dev team workflows, martech, sustainable natural deodorants, the finer points of trade mark law and most other things you care to throw my way.

Once you’ve got one sequence bringing in customers automatically, you might want to look at adding more – filling in the gaps, till all of your email sequences are performing for you. Then your emails become a significant player in creating long-term, sustainable growth.

Where’s the story?

I trained as a journalist and worked in newspaper and magazine journalism at the start of my career, so I enjoy delving into the detail to discover the story we need to tell.

I’m a writer through and through, and I love the creative process, but I also like to have research, data and evidence to inform what I do. There can’t be too many careers where you get to combine psychology and behavioural science with writing. Or bounce creative ideas around and analyse research findings in the same day.

But it’s more than those things. I stay in this field because I love entrepreneurs and creatives and visionaries. I love techie geeks. I love dreamers.

People who don’t want to settle.

Who think there’s more to life.

Who want to make a difference. Who have to make a difference.