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Exceptional emails that boost results

If you want to attract more customers to your software or tech company, and then keep them on board (and who doesn’t?), you need intelligent, data-driven email strategy and copywriting.

But before we get into that, let’s look at your copywriting and strategy-related goals.

You’re here because you need to do one or more of these:

Generate leads 

Increase demo sign-ups or show-ups 

Move more users from trial to paid 

Reactivate lapsed users


Reduce churn

Or you need at least one of these:


Welcome sequence


Drip campaign or ongoing nurture sequence


Nurture to demo sequence


Trial to paid sequence


Reactivation sequence


Referral emails


Outbound lead gen emails

I’ve written for:

Conversion-focused copywriting for the C-Suite, the techies, and everyone in between

Your challenge with software or tech is that you generally need to talk to more than one audience. 

That’s where segmentation comes in. And you likely already have different avatars you target.

But how do you find an experienced strategist and copywriter in one? Someone who works through a tried and tested process on every project – to identify exactly how to write for each specific audience?

A conversion-focused, data-driven copywriter who can talk to the techies and simplify complex concepts for “normal” people, jargon-phobes and maybe even the occasional ID10T?

And in the same vein… how do you get the tech bods on board, and convince the C-Suite decision makers?

(These are all great questions! I like how you think 😉)

The Answer…


You bring on board someone who works hard to understand your different audience types. Someone who interviews your clients and listens carefully to their answers – to get totally clear on what your audiences need to hear. Including when to use jargon and when to ditch it.


Someone who goes deeper than the average creative. Who listens in on your sales calls and trawls the interwebs for voice of customer data. Who analyses where you sit in the market and figures out the messaging you need to help you win over your ideal customers.


And then uses all the insights from this research phase to map out an email sequence (or sequences) that connects the dots for your readers – so they understand why they should show up to your demo, and why they need your product or service. So they’re driven to take action.

Where might you find a person who can do all this?

That’s me 👋 (in case you hadn’t guessed!) 

“A talented SaaS email copywriter to trust
with even the toughest offer and market”

“So we brought Liz possibly the most challenging copy job you can imagine: writing middle-of-funnel sales emails for an extremely complicated SaaS product… in a brand new category… serving non-decision-makers… in mid-market and enterprise organizations.

We had a loose structure for the emails and some research. And Liz not only took this insane brief and ran with it – but she delivered fantastic emails ahead of schedule while acting like the pro she is the whole way. I can’t wait to send another difficult job her way.

It’s so great to know I’ve got a talented SaaS email copywriter to trust with even the toughest offer and market.

Joanna Wiebe

CH Agency / Copyhackers

A (tech) journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

How did I get here, and how does that help you?

The planet has changed dramatically since I arrived on it, and I still find the technology we have at our fingertips incredible. So I’m not a digital native, and nor am I a full-on tech geek.

What I am is a tech-savvy translator. Someone who understands complex concepts and can break them down for audiences who need a simpler perspective.

Here’s a whistle-stop tour of my background:


Aged 9, Helped Mario rescue the princess 57 times in a row (and if I’d kept my Nintendo LCD handheld it’d be a collector’s item by now. D’oh!)


Aged 12, Taught myself to code (BASIC) and insisted my Dad played the games I created


Aged 19, Started my BSc in putting rocks under the microscope Geology at a redbrick uni


Aged 23, Learned to write fast, clear, attention-grabbing news stories in my first journo job


Aged 26, Fell in love with copywriting and mainlined every book and training course I could find


Aged 33, Figured out I could channel my inner techie-science geek into writing copy for software companies


Aged *cough*, I still write for SaaS, software and tech, and I get to talk shop with my computer science grad stepson.

The pattern might not seem obvious, but what this means for you is this: I can talk tech and I understand data.

And like I said above, I can act as a translator between techies and non-techies. This ability is beyond useful when I’m working with a founder who started out as a software engineer – but now needs to communicate what’s brilliant about their product to non-technical people. I act as a bridge between the two worlds.

Plus, I’m looking at what you need from a scientific angle. I’m not just writing to follow grammar rules. My copywriting draws on psychology and behavioural science. I ONLY write what I know works. And I know what works from LOTS of testing.

So when we work together we’ll create a path to sales based on data. Not feelings.

But… Let’s not forget that your brand is important too. 

My creative background means I can help you sound like the best version of your brand.

After 15+ years of writing for a living, I can easily mimic your existing tone of voice, improve on it, or create a completely new one if needed. (I’ve worked with serious global software brands and playful tech start-ups – and nailed the tone of voice every time.)

My conversion-focused email strategy and copywriting is ideal for you if:


Your company is in growth mode


Your product or service has product-market fit and you already have satisfied users


You understand the power of copy to drive your prospects and users to take action.

Want to find out more?

My calendar usually fills up around 4-6 weeks in advance, but occasionally I can squeeze a project in sooner. I’m always keen to talk to software and tech co’s who want to lead the way, not just emulate the competition.

Ready to chat? Let’s hop on a call… I’ll ask you some questions, you ask me some questions… and then if we’re both keen to move forward we’ll talk more.

No waffle, and no awkward silences. I know what info I need, and I have a good idea of what you need to know too. (This ain’t my first call, so you’re in safe hands!)