What if every single person who’d ever bought from you bought ONE more item?

And what if you chased down three times as many abandoned carts and helped them get through the checkout?  And what if your existing customers recommended you to their friends? Who then went on to buy from you… and add one extra item, over and above your AOV?

Imagine what that would do to your sales/profits!

It’s all possible – with emails. And the right email strategist and copywriter.

All hail the mighty email!

From your welcome sequence through to your upsells, cross-sells and abandoned cart sequences – email has the power to create more sales, more customers and more loyal followers who big you up to their mates.

But maybe you haven’t had a chance to flex your muscles when it comes to email. The urge to focus on social media is strong, and setting up the right email sequences takes up valuable time, energy and headspace.

If you haven’t got stellar sequences running on autopilot, you definitely aren’t the only one!

What emails do you already have in place?  


I’m guessing there are some gaps in what you’re doing. Or you wouldn’t be here. 


Having some emails – any emails – is definitely better than nothing. But you know you can’t get the results you want to achieve with hastily put together emails.


You have a big vision, and you know that bringing in the specialist help you need is the best way to get there.

What’s your strategy? 

Increased AOVs and raving fans don’t just happen. You need an email marketing strategy. One that works alongside your social media strategy and stops potential customers falling through the cracks.

Not one that drops repetitive, ignorable sales messages into their inbox, but one that builds human relationships over time and drives real life purchases.

Then you need someone to implement that strategy for you. Someone to write all those emails that’ll help you strengthen your brand, build your fan base (yup, your ecommerce store needs fans!) and increase sales.

Where do you find the right strategist and copywriter?

How do you find an experienced strategist and conversion-focused copywriter?
Someone who works through a tried and tested process on every project –
to get to know your customers and write in a way that connects and sells?

Hi! 👋

I’m Liz Painter, and I set up my copywriting micro-business, Comma Comma, in 2008. 

I’ve trained under copywriting greats including Andy Maslen and Joanna Wiebe, founder of Copyhackers.

And I’ve written for hundreds of growing companies, including:

My focus on research, messaging, strategy and copywriting for emails, landing pages and ads, means you’re getting a true professional – someone who’s constantly testing and reviewing what works and what doesn’t.

Buyer behaviour can change fast – especially in this brave new world we’re all navigating – so having a specialist in your corner is a real advantage.

It means you can make your own impact on buyer behaviour by strategically driving sales.

But what does that really mean?

It means you can increase sales, like I did when I helped Hettie’s increase sales by 81% compared with the same period the previous year.

“She wrote a 12 Days of Christmas email campaign for me… 24 emails. They were brilliant… seriously awesome!”

“I struggled over whether I should write my own emails – because I worried no one would get my quirky style… and who would get my business goals and passion? Then I happened upon Liz Painter at Comma Comma – she wrote a 12 Days of Christmas email campaign for me… 24 emails. They were brilliant… seriously awesome!

I’ve used copywriters before and have always amended before sending. No need for this with Liz. She just gets it.

You have to answer a plethora of questions at the outset so she gets the look and feel of your business and your tone. But then she goes off and makes you sound even more like you than you can!!! My best friend of over 35 years asked me where I was getting all the time to write the emails… so even she thought I wrote them!

The emails boosted online sales by 81% compared with the previous Christmas – and I was pretty happy with that! Give Liz a buzz…”

Clare Pinchbeck

Founder of Hettie’s Tearooms and online store

So what does working with me look like?

Every project I work on starts with research.  

This is the part that a lot of less experienced copywriters skip, and it’s vital if you want to work strategically, rather than guessing at how to approach your emails and funnels.



I’ll start by interviewing a handful of your customers. (Don’t worry – I have an ultra-smooth process for setting this up and I call these “chats” rather than “interviews” to put everyone at ease.) You’d be surprised at how happy customers are to do this, and we can offer incentives or thank you gifts if needed.



I’ll often run a survey too. And I’ll hang out online – in the same places your customers hang out – and see what they’re talking about when it comes to you, your competitors and your industry.

competitor research

Plus I’ll carry out competitor research, so we can make sure you’re not saying the same thing as everyone else. In fact, this is a good moment to mention that if you want to sound the same as the other online stores in your space, I’m not the copywriter for you.


Once the research is complete I’ll pull it all together, analyse it, and come up with a messaging strategy for you. We’ll run through this on a call and I’ll get the go ahead from you before I write a single word.

Why do all of this research?

The beauty of this approach is that it means we’re uncovering the way your customers talk about you, their motivations for buying from you and their buying triggers. 

This makes it much easier to figure out the best way to promote your products to your audience and trigger more sales.

It also means we can speak the language of your customers – and use their actual words – so that we connect with them at their level.

In any industry there can be a tendency to use jargon or talk about a product in a way that creates distance between you and the buyer. I’ll use voice of customer data – the words and information gathered in the research process – to close that gap and meet the customer where they are.

Read more about my process here.

Helping you sound like the best version of you

It’s not just about doing the research and creating the messages that generate sales. Your brand is important too.

After 17 years as a professional writer, I can make you sound like anyone from Winnie the Pooh to Jane Austen (though I wouldn’t recommend either of those 😉).

I can write in the voice you already have, or improve on it, or create a new voice if you need me to (I’ve worked on brand voices that sound chatty, witty, smart, techie and everything in between).

Is it time to transform your email sequences?

My clients are typically in growth mode – either online stores steadily growing their sales, or more traditional bricks and mortar stores aiming to give the online side of the business a boost.

 If you have big goals


You’re keen to get your messaging and email marketing right as a solid foundation, rather than as a quick, short-term fix


And you’re driven to make a difference as well as to make money

Then let’s speak!

Ready to chat about your emails?

Book an intro call and I’ll ask you some questions, you’ll ask me some questions, and then if we hit it off, we’ll arrange a longer call to go into more detail.

I’ve been doing this a while, so there’s no fluff and no awkwardness. Just a quick chat where I get all the info I need, and you do too.

Don’t wait to arrange our call – I’m often (but not always) booking projects 4-6 weeks ahead. So let’s talk before it’s urgent! Then if we decide to work together, you can get a project slot reserved in my calendar.