Terms and Conditions


Comma Comma provides fee estimates and proposals at no cost, and these may include guidance on the approach businesses take and suggested media for a project. We cannot accept liability for any actions businesses take, or refrain from taking, as a result of acting on our advice.

For complex projects, or if work is required to clarify the scope and timescale of the work, the proposal will become a chargeable task and will be invoiced separately from the main project.

Additional Work

We reserve the right to charge for additional work, outside of the original brief.

Reasonable changes – affecting up to 10% of the copy and communicated to us in no more than two rounds of changes – are included in the original fee. Changes that affect more than 10% of the copy, or that are a result of the original brief having been amended, are chargeable.

Fee Reductions

If you decide not to use copy that we have supplied as previously agreed, no cost reduction is applicable.

Monthly or 4-Weekly Copywriting Agreements

If you have an ongoing monthly or 4-weekly agreement with Comma Comma, payment is required at the start of each month or 4-week block.

If you have requested a set number of emails, blog posts or sales pages in each month or 4-week period, you must supply the information we request by agreed dates to enable us to stick to the agreed schedule.

If you are paying a fixed monthly or 4-weekly fee for varying copywriting requirements and you do not request copy within a given month or 4-week period, there is no cost reduction and copywriting services do not carry over to the next month or 4-week period.


If proposals contain dates and schedule guidelines, please be aware that if you miss calls or meeting with us, or fail to supply requested information by agreed dates, it may not be possible to stick to the planned schedule for the project.

Please note that missing agreed dates may result in additional delays to a project. If a meeting is delayed by three days, this does not mean that your project will only be delayed by three days. Workflow, the availability of third parties, and the timing of weekends and holidays can all impact on the timings.

Purchase orders

Before starting work on your project we will need to receive a purchase order from you. This can be a formal document, project code, or an email confirming the project brief and the fee.


For small projects (£1,000 or less) full payment is required upfront before the project commences, although we can arrange for you to make two payments if needed (this will incur a small administration fee).

For projects over £1,000 we will usually invoice 50% upfront and 50% directly before project completion.

On particularly large or lengthy projects we may invoice monthly or at agreed project milestones. This will be agreed with you prior to commencing work.

Late Payment

Payment made later than 30 days after invoicing may be considered actionable and you may be charged interest in line with the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998.

Comma Comma reserves the right to charge an administrative fee of £70 for each invoice that is settled 30 days or more after the invoicing date. Additionally, you will be required to pay any recovery costs we incur while chasing your payment.


Copyright will pass to you upon payment of your final invoice.

You accept all responsibility for any copyright issues that arise from the publication of content produced by us that summarises, rephrases or otherwise refers to third-party sources at your request and as part of the agreed assignment.

Fair Dealing

Unless we agree otherwise (for example, through a non-disclosure agreement), by working with us you grant permission for us to:

  • Refer to you as a client on our website, in marketing materials and elsewhere
  • Describe the work we have done for you
  • Display the work we have written for you
  • Display representations of any designs produced as part of our work together.

Errors and Omissions

Comma Comma will make every effort to avoid errors, inaccurate implications, omissions, misrepresentations and other inaccuracies in the copy and content we produce for you. However, the final responsibility for published materials remains with you.

Please review the copy and content thoroughly before publishing or printing, as the ultimate responsibility for the copy rests with you. We cannot accept responsibility or liability of any kind for any loss or damage, whether material, financial, commercial or reputational, that you incur as a result of your choosing to publish materials that we have worked on.

If you have any questions about these Terms and Conditions, please get in touch by emailing lizpainter@commacomma.co.uk