One of the hardest things about business blogging is coming up with a regular stream of interesting things to write about.

This is the main problem for most of my blog coaching clients and a real barrier to them getting their blog off the ground.  What shall I write? How do I make my business sound interesting? Why would anyone care about what I have to say?

You probably eat, sleep and breathe what you do, to the point that it no longer seems remarkable.  But to someone who isn’t working in your industry, what you do might be fascinating.

Admittedly there are some professions where the nuts and bolts of what you do may be a bit dull, dry or difficult to understand.  Estate agents, accountants and IT people may find they struggle for material, but there’s really no need to.

The best way to bring an audience to your blog is by telling stories.  A well told tale is way more interesting than a “here are the services we offer” type post.

Tell people about a client you’ve helped and what you did for them.  Tell a story about something funny that’s happened to you recently.  If your business is visual, post a stunning picture of something you’ve produced and write a few lines about it.

And when something amuses you, or you have an idea for a blog post, write it down.  Get yourself a dedicated notebook and whenever inspiration strikes you can note down your thoughts.  Before long you’ll be overflowing with ideas and wondering where to start.

Happy blogging!

Photograph by roco julie