Build your Business with Blogging

One of the questions I get asked all the time is “So why do I need a blog?”  Usually followed by “I don’t see how it could have any benefit for my business”.

The second most popular question is “What on Earth should I blog about?”  This usually gets dropped into the conversation alongside questions like “What should I tweet, post to Facebook or talk about on LinkedIn?”

The funny thing is, even though I spend loads of time helping my clients with their blogs, I totally understand these questions.

I’m lucky enough to love writing and I rarely have a problem coming up with ideas for things to write about.  But that doesn’t mean I find it easy to post to my own blog.

Setting aside time for blogging is the number one barrier to getting a blog off the ground.  For most people, writing a business blog post comes under the heading of Things I Can Put Off ‘Till Tomorrow.  It’s not for a client, there’s no deadline and it’s definitely not urgent.

But it is important.

Having a decent blog on your business website can:

  • Raise your profile as an expert at what you do
  • Help you engage with your clients and potential clients
  • Improve your website SEO and push you up the google rankings
  • Make you stand out and show that you have a personality

So all of this is what I tell people who corner me to ask about blogging.  And the number one response?

“But I get all my business through word of mouth!”

Which I think sums up exactly why you need a blog!  In this crazy 21st century world of instant interconnectedness, you really should be able to pick up a client or two via the Internet.

A blog will help you do that.

And if that’s not enough to persuade you, there is another advantage to posting to your business blog.

It gives you something to talk about on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!

Photograph by Aine D