Do You Seize the Day, Every Day?

I have a confession to make. Despite owning a fairly respectable CD collection from my days as an indie kid, I have an iPod absolutely loaded to the brim with cheesy music. Properly cheesy music.

It all started when I began training for the London Marathon back in 2005. How do you motivate yourself to start running on a cold, wet Sunday morning? Eye of the Tiger by Survivor.

How do you make yourself complete a 16-mile training run when your limbs feel like lead? Queen’s Greatest Hits I, II and III.

You get the idea.

I’d forgotten how motivating music can be until last week, when shuffle threw up a run of inspirational songs towards the end of my workout.

Lose Yourself – Eminem
Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson
Proud – Heather Small

Life is short.  Play some classic cheese every morning.  Preferably with the volume up high, while dancing around the kitchen in your pyjamas.  Wearing sunglasses.

Carpe diem

Photograph by Paul Painter